Attempting balanced eating.

January 10, 2011

Today I’m tracking my food intake to make sure I’m getting enough ( or close to enough) protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fat every day.  It’s been a rather busy day so I haven’t had time to make much in terms of meals, but that will probably lead to a more accurate reading of how I am in my day to day habits.

Early Morning-

  • medium sized apple- 80 calories, 0g fat, 21g carbohydrates, 0g protein, 4g fiber
  • half an ounce of cashews- 80 calories, 6.5g fat, 4.5g carbohydrates, 2g protein, .5 g   fiber

Late morning-

  • two slices of bread (ezekiel 4:9) – 160 calories, 1g fat, 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, 6g fiber
  • tablespoon of almond butter- 95 calories, 8.5 g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 4g protein, 1.5 g fiber
  • 1 3/4 cup broccoli- 95 calories, 1g fat, 19.5 g carbohydrates, 7g protein, 9g fiber

Early Afternoon-

  • soy yogurt (whole soy & co) 150 calories, 3 g fat, 28g carbohydrates, 6 g protein, 2g fiber
  • blood orange- 70 calories,0 g fat, 16g carbohydrates,  1g protein, 3 grams fiber
  • one ounce of chestnuts (asian) 70 calories, .3 g fat, 13g carbohydrates, 1g protein, 0g fiber


  • 1 1/2 c baked ziti made by my lovely girlfriend (pictured below) 350 calories, 8g fat, 39g carbohydrates, 16g protein, 7g fiber
  • 4 blocks of chocolate ( green and black hazlenut currant) 75 calories, 4.5g fat, 7g carbohydrates, 1g protein, 1g fiber


(daiya cheese makes everything better)

Totals:  1185 calories,  32.8 g fat, 181 g carbohydrates, 47g protein, 34 g fiber

What I’m supposed to have a day:

1325-1570 calories, 43-50g fat,  210-250g carbohydrates, 55-75g protein, 25g fiber

So far so good actually I need to eat at least  140 calories, 10g fat, 29 g carbohydrates, 8g of protein and I’m beyond done with fiber….looks like its late night snack time!


It’s Official

January 10, 2011

Over the past six months I have researched the subject heavily, consulted a dietitian, and questioned many an individual in order to understand veganism in it’s entirety. Through this journey I have decided  to  become one myself.  I hope to be able to look back on these posts as a record of my progress in learning how to live a cleaner, healthier, more ethical lifestyle.

For future reference here are my stats and basic nutritional requirements-

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 117.6 lbs

Age: 22 years 0 months

Gender: Female

Basal Metabolic Rate*: 1350

My general eating plan:

2-3 servings of fruit

3-4 servings of non starchy vegetables

0-1 servings of starchy vegetables

2 servings of nuts

1 serving of  “dairy”

4-5 servings of grains

4-5 servings of protein  (additional nuts, legumes, etc)

*For those of you who want to know what your basal metabolic rate (your basic caloric needs for a day sans exercise or activity of any kind) you may use the formulas below.

English BMR Formula
Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )
Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year )
Metric BMR Formula
Women: BMR = 655 + ( 9.6 x weight in kilos ) + ( 1.8 x height in cm ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )
Men: BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) – ( 6.8 x age in years )