Vegan treats <3

February 14, 2011

Work overload paired with getting sick due to work overload stress means very little motivation to blog.  I will however post a picture from this week. Also, Fast becoming one of my quick healthier meals of choice is the black bean bowl. After a long day at school the best I can really muster is a bowl full of black beans, onions, tomatoes, and garlic, with a dash of cumin, cayenne, and a tiny bit of sea salt.  On the upside it’s high in fiber, protein, vitamins C  and E, and lycopene and it only takes me a couple of minutes to make. I should get in the habit of making rice to use throughout the week, would have been a good inclusion.

For Valentines day my girlfriend and I went to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem. There were so many things to choose from but she went with the raspberry chocolate swirl soft serve and I went with the amaretto cheesecake. In figured that it would be the best thing to try since it’s hard to get the consistency of cheesecake right when veganising, and it would be nice to try something that had to be complex versus something chocolate or otherwise strong in flavor. I was very impressed with both the texture and flavor and I’m really glad the place is so far away….or I’d visit FAR too often!


Day on the town

January 31, 2011

I’ve been too busy to do much cooking lately, go figure. Most days it’s something quick and easily accessible, not it hasn’t been photo worthy. However, yesterday I was out all day and tried two new restaurants ( new to me anyhow) in the area. One was vegan, and one wasn’t.

For lunch I went with my parents to place in Hatboro called  Little Corner Kitchen and its name doesn’t lie. Tiny little blue dining room with a retro theme, cheerful waitresses and awesomely low prices. We went on a Sunday so they were only serving breakfast so I opted for their “eggy veggy” burrito sans eggs and cheese.  It definitely sounds rather counter productive but what I ended up with was a spinach wrap filled to the brim with roasted peppers, portabella mushrooms, onions, tomato and eggplant,  with a side of salsa and fresh fruits. They also  had oatmeal with several topping options that looked tasty. I will definitely be going back there soon!

The other place I went was Loving Hut. Now, I knew before I went that they were affiliated with a….I’ll go ahead and say it, cult. The head of the organization is dubbed “The Supreme Master” for crying out loud. The stuff on the television in there was just crazy! Don’t take my word on it though, just google “loving hut cult” and you’ll find plenty of information about it.  I had a tofu eggplant burger which was okay, but not great and definitely messy and certainly not worth the creepy cult vibes.

One success, and one miss. All in all  a nice day.  🙂


January 10, 2011

Today was the first day I was able to get over my anxieties about asking for something vegan in an obviously non vegan restaurant.   Of course going to a place with obvious vegan options would have been my preference but I’m discovering that sometimes that isn’t possible. In this case I was invited to brunch by my parents who have accepted me as a vegetarian but still have a lot of hangups over veganism, and just plain refuse many of the healthier breakfast options.


We managed to settle on a place close by that was family owned. (at least that way we were supporting a small business) I meekly asked the waitress if there were any vegan options, figuring that this would be a better approach than pouring myself over the menu and doing a bunch of guesswork I’d have to clarify anyway. To my surprise the kitchen was more than happy to make me something off menu and did not charge an arm and a leg for it. Who knew? Certainly not me.


So what I ended up with here is kind of interesting.  Avocado, beets, hummus, salad, and a medley of pinto beans and roasted peppers.  Certainly not a combination that I would have thought to do but definitely well balanced nutritionally. A good amount of healthy fats, fiber, protein, and great color to the vegetables. Honestly the best part of the entire thing were the tomatoes in the salad which were extremely fresh and just the right amount of sweet.