Busy body

January 25, 2011

My schedule got completely rearranged and saturated by school work. It’s taken me about a week to reacclimate myself but I’m back now! Tomorrow I plan on posting my experiment with veganized spumoni but for now I will share an anecdote.

Seeing as I was completely exhausted from my new schedule I didn’t have time to do much in terms of socializing and I didn’t get to drive down to visit my parents this week like I usually do. To solve two problems at once my parents drove up with some of my text books and my mother and I went grocery shopping. After picking up Silk Coconut milk  (which I hadn’t tried yet but I have since found to be more to my liking than So Delicious coconut milk) and placing it into the cart she looked at me with surprise.  “Really, you’re getting coconut milk? How can you stand that stuff anymore?” I had no clue what she was talking about.

Apparently when I was a child and we were stationed on an island in the pacific  for  four years we never had milk or butter. It was all coconut milk and oil. I was definitely old enough at the time to remember this but I really don’t think I ever made the distinction.  In any case it seems sillier to go back to milk after such a long time without it than it does to get sick of the coconut.