I’m a baby vegan as my girlfriend fondly calls me. In early fall of 2010 I started seeing a nutritionist in order to feel healthier, and lost a bit of weight I had put on. Little did I know that this little step would lead me down the path of veganism. With my nutritionist’s guidance I began to open my eyes and really see what my food was and where it was coming from. I was shocked at what I found. By winter I had made the decision to go vegan and I haven’t looked back.

When I’m not blogging (which is quite a bit of the time) I am in school for veterinary technology which I hope to foray into a good foundation for veterinary medicine school. Being vegan makes it hard to deal with some of the course work (laboratory animal science for example) but I believe that when I finish my studies I will be better equipped to make the system more vegan friendly, and do my best to avoid as many situations as possible. I also donate my time to animal shelters and I am active in the vegan community. I hope to continue to evolve as a mindful eater and work hard at being environmentally friendly.

My favorite foods include:

Vegan cheesecake

Dark chocolate

Black bean burritos

Blue corn chips

Spicy chinese food!

Curried lentils


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