Some heavy reading.

January 13, 2011

This year for my birthday I received a copy of The Food Revolution by John Robbins.  In the twelve days  I have owned it, I have finished it from cover to cover. There are a lot of things within it that I was already familiar with, a lot of the studies that he cites are really well known as well as the work of Dr. Ornish which seems to come up in every current healthful food based documentary.

There are a few things I’d like to follow up on but in general I didn’t learn too many new things from the book as far as hard evidence and statistics are concerned. What I did glean from it however, is a more positive attitude towards it all. His anecdotes were truly inspiring.

In what has become my natural fashion of doing things, I scoured the internet for articles that set out to debunk the ideals within the book.  I am not one to take all I read as gospel.

From what I can tell, many places cite our evolutionary propensity to eat meat. Now, I know many vegans believe that we are naturually vegetarian. I do not share this belief. We are omnivorous, just like chimpanzees, just like gorillas. For me, all that means is that we CAN eat it and thrive and even then its not very much. That does not mean that we HAVE to.

Other than that not much in terms of going against it except that it may not work out for everyone. Whether or not that is true is not really something I can speak to. I can say however that you never know until you try.


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